contact lens care at judi coey optometryThe most important aspect of wearing contact lenses is hygiene. To keep your eyes in good health it is vital to make sure that you look after your contact lenses correctly.

The type of lenses you wear determine how you should care for them. Below is general guide for contact lens care.

Judi’s tips for keeping contact lenses clean:

  1. Always wash (using a mild, non-cosmetic soap) and rinse your hands before inserting and removing your lenses.
  2. Dry hands with a clean, lint-free towel.
  3. Keep your fingernails clean and tidy.
  4. Apply any hair spray or make up after inserting your lenses.
  5. Always use the disinfecting and cleaning solutions from the brands recommended by your optometrist. Never put lenses in your mouth or use tap water on the them – Microorganisms living in these can cause infection and damage your vision.
  6. After removal, clean each contact lens by rubbing it gently between your thumb and index finger.
  7. Clean your contact lens case every time you replace the lenses and never reuse the solution. To clean your case, rinse it with hot water and let it air dry but Judi recommends that you replace the case every three months.

At Judi Coey Optometry, our aim is to deliver the highest standard of personalised eye care to our patients.