Could you be the 1 in 7 people with macular degeneration?

macular degenerationJudi Coey Optometry is raising awareness about macular degeneration, a disease that affects 1 in 7 people over 50, a worrying statistic given the aging population in Australia.

Judi Coey is supporting the Macular Disease Foundation Australia and urging everyone over 50 to come in for their Bulk Billed eye test and macular check. This is critical for detecting macular degeneration which occurs at the back of the eye.

Even before symptoms occur, you can have early signs of macular degeneration only detectable by your Optometrist or Ophthalmologist. “Early detection is the key to saving sight, and with proper treatment by adopting lifestyle and nutritional practices, you could be giving yourself many more years of good vision.” says Judi.

If you notice any sudden changes in your vision, it is essential you seek emergency medical treatment. A type of macular degeneration that progresses quickly is known as a “wet” macular and must be treated rapidly to save sight.

“Healthy eyes lead to productive and meaningful lives and too many times I have seen that early detection could have mitigated a person’s vision deterioration. Young or old, your vision is the window to your world, and will determine how you see the world around you.” Judi says.

If you haven’t seen Judi for your routine Bulk Billed eye exam, book an appointment today on 5494 2877.