At Judi Coey Optometry, we pride ourselves on providing our patients access to the highest quality lenses.

Among a small range of laboratories, we currently use Hoya Vision laboratories for the majority of our patients. Hoya Vision has been developing and manufacturing optical lenses for over 75 years and today, Hoya technology can also be found in medical camera lenses, Blu-ray players, smartphones, computers and televisions. Combine Hoya’s technology with our knowledgeable staff, you’re sure to experience the highest quality service which finds a lens for you and your lifestyle.

HOYA Vision

HOYA Progressive Lenses

Hoya has conducted extensive research into perfecting its progressive lenses. The latest developments focus on stable image processing, especially while moving around, minimal distortion, comfortable vision at all distances and seamless transition between near, intermediate and far. Below is a list of lenses that we use from Hoya; one to suit everyone!




Designed for efficiency

Unlike traditional, conventional progressive lenses, Dynamic lens uses back surface free-form technology. This places the progressive surface on the back of the lenses, providing wearers with a wider field of vision. This lens design allows quick focusing from far to near and provides wearers with a natural head posture.


Designed for Lifestyle

Hoyalux LifeStyle is designed to complement the wearer’s lifestyle and enhance your performance by providing effortless focusing across various distances. With Hoyalux LifeStyle, you will also have the freedom to choose different types of frames as this lens design is suitable for a wide range of frames.


Designed for YOU

Hoyalux MyStyle is tailored to your eyes, just like a bespoke suit is tailored to your body. With Hoyalux MyStyle, you can enjoy effortless focusing across different distances and easy adaptation. Your power, lifestyle and past wearing experiences will be analysed to provide you an improved depth of perception and optimised visual clarity.






Designed for the work place

A staggering 70% of office worker complain of neck or back pain. Wearing the wrong glasses may result in unnatural head movement and straining to see the computer screen or pages of text. Ordinary reading glasses do not offer suffiecient width and depth of vision. Hoya’s occupational lenses are specifically designed to correct these limitations


Designed for specific uses

Nulux offers wearers a range of single vision lenses which provides optimised visual performance and a natural image perception. Many wearers are also looking for thinner and more durable lenses. Hence, Hoya designed flatter lenses that are easy to clean, scratch resistant and able to withstand the test of time. 


Designed for the digital age

Many people spend an average of 8-10 hours a day looking at digital screens. This can cause digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome. Symptoms can present themselves in only two hours and may include irritated eyes, blurred vision and headaches. This is where the Sync III lenses come in!


Sync III lenses have the distance power for everyday use and a “boost zone” at the bottom of the lens, optimised for the way you use your eyes today.  The boost zone has a slightly increased power, which helps the eye muscles relax and focus more easily, enhancing visual comfort during prolonged screen time. 



Satin Blue Multicoat

Satin Blue is created by world class optical technologies that incorporates protective coatings to shield your eyes from harmful blue-light.

Satin Blue protects your eyes by selectively filtering light, to comfort your eyes whilst looking at a screen and still providing excellent clarity.

The back surface of the lens is coated with Satin UV, blocking UV light from entering. This gives you total protection against harmful light.

What is Blue-Light?

Blue-light emanates naturally from the sun and artificially from LED screens in technology we use every day – phones, computers and televisions.

There are two categories of blue-light, Blue-Violet and Blue-Turquoise. Blue-Violet is adjacent to UV-light on the spectrum and is harmful whereas Blue-Turquoise is further than UV and is useful.

Blue-Violet can cause macular degeneration, tired/dry eyes and
insomnia. Blue-Turquoise light helps regulate the everyday sleep cycle by stimulating melatonin production.



Looking at digital screens like the one you’re reading this on can be immensely demanding on the eyes. Eyezen lenses are specially enhanced for your computer, TV and smartphone usage to keep your eyes relaxed and protected. The result? Lenses that don’t just help you see better, they help you feel comfortable and focus on what matters to you.


At Judi Coey Optometry, our aim is to deliver the highest standard of personalised eye care to our patients.