The World Health Organisation estimates that 80 per cent of the 285 million cases of vision impairment or blindness worldwide, could have been avoided or better managed with regular eye examinations.

keep an eye on your eyesExperts estimate that by the year 2020 (ironic) more than 800,000 Australians will experience serious vision loss or blindness – approximately 75% of these cases could be prevented or managed.

A few tips from Judi to keep your eyes in good health:

  • Book a regular eye examination. Judi bulk bills all of her consultations and tests for serious diseases like macular degeneration and glaucoma – both leading causes of preventable blindness
  • Only wear sunglasses that comply with Australian standards and provide 100% protection from UV and UVB rays
  • With so many people using digital devices it is essential to protect your eyes from harmful blue light. We now have access to the Satin Blue multi-coat which can be put on most lenses and protects your eyes by selectively filtering light
  • Make sure to eat a range of fruits and vegies and soak up the protective benefits. Foods like beetroot are high in lutein and zeaxanthin which has been proven to be beneficial to the eyes